NetYCE integration with monitoring and reporting tools.
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How network compliance adds value to network monitoring

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Jeroen Kuiterman on December 2, 2020

You probably already have network monitoring tools running and a reporting mechanism that helps you get insight into your data. Instead of adding another reporting tool or dashboard to the mix, NetYCE can be very easily integrated with your existing reporting tools.

But first, why would you need NetYCE when you already have monitoring in place? Well, approaching your network challenges from a compliance perspective can be very beneficial. With Network Compliance you check the network more proactively and on a deeper level than only monitoring. Monitoring software tells you when devices are up or down, or go beyond a certain threshold, but it does not tell you the actual configuration state and if this is compliant with the way you designed it to be. 

You can read more about this in our recent blog: How a service provider prevents critical outages with 5 simple network compliance checks.

Adding Network Compliance to the mix will definitely help your network be more secure and available. However, you don’t want to add another reporting tool to the mix when you already have a dashboard. Whether you have Splunk, Solarwinds, or an open-source tool like Grafana: it's easy to integrate with NetYCE. Basically, there are two ways:

NetYCE sending to Dashboard
NetYCE can send traps or API calls to your monitoring or ticketing system whenever there is a compliance state change.

Dashboard reading from NetYCE
All compliance state information is stored in our database, your Monitoring system can query the NetYCE database.

endpoint-screenshotExample dashboard

This will enable you to build a nice graphical presentation of your network's compliance state while
reducing network management tool sprawl at the same time. If you want to know more, just schedule a meeting or watch the demo.



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Jeroen Kuiterman

Jeroen Kuiterman has worked in the networking industry for 15 years, gaining experience in both ISP and Enterprise environments. As a seasoned solution architect, he is passionate about advancing Network Compliance and Automation. Jeroen’s focus in on helping customers with network compliance and how it can be the start of their network automation journey.