NetYCE signs partnership with MRO-TEK
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NetYCE signs partnership with MRO-TEK to offer network automation solutions in India

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Heleen Heijnis on February 20, 2019

NetYCE, thought leader in multi-vendor network automation solutions has signed a partnership agreement with MROTEK to strengthen their value-added service offerings for network automation and orchestration in India.

The companies will work together to deliver engineering and technology solutions to mission-critical requirements and offer a certification program for network engineers in the region. The partnership will enable Service Providers and Enterprise companies to reduce their time to market, cut down TCO and streamline process automation around their network their engineering and operations.

Sudipto Gupta, CEO of MRO-Tek “We are honoured to become NetYCE's value-added partner in India. Continuing our tradition as the leading provider of Next Generation Networking (NGN) technology, MRO-TEK has been working in the direction of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and 5G. Our efforts in multi-purpose, flexible hardware with various SDN applications will see several product launches in the next 12 months including - Brand/Device agnostic Smart Network Controllers, highly scalable device independent Network Element Management Systems, Smart Branch Routers, Smart Wifi systems among others.

Traditionally, configuration change management and automation have been the domain of manual labour or custom scripts. NetYCE has developed their world class GUI driven framework that allows network engineers to build network automation solutions in no time without any coding. Instead of using Python & Ansible programming or keep using Excel and notepad, engineers can easily automate their networks with a proven framework with a GUI that is designed for their skills.

Sudipto Gupta, CEO of MRO-Tek: We are delighted to work with NetYCE as they are a perfect fit for our strategy. NetYCE has unique capabilities and proven track record in major deployments. Orchestration is a major aspect of SDN deployment and we propose to bring SDN as a SaaS/HaaS combo offer low cost, high flexibility “pay as you use” deployments for Service Providers and Enterprise customers starting April, 2019.

Wim Gerrits, CEO of NetYCE “We have been looking for a value-added partner in India who can offer best of class professional- and integration services for network automation and orchestration. By partnering with MRO-TEK and combining our technology with MRO-TEK’s extensive network consulting experience I am confident we can offer world-class delivery capability to customers in the region.

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