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The best way to handle network security threats

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Wim Gerrits on July 22, 2020

Today, hacks, and cyberattacks are more common than ever before. You must act immediately when your network security could be compromised.

In this video, Wim and Jeroen show you how you can easily check your network for the latest vulnerabilities and how you can remediate any issues that arise.

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In this case, it's an example for the BIG-IP AND CVE-2020-5902 where F5 Networks published patches and released a security advisory about a "remote code execution" vulnerability in BIG-IP devices. However, new attacks are coming in every day. Make sure you have a proper network vulnerability scanner system in place and act upon it immediately. 

If you encounter a CVE threat and want us to check it for you, please contact us immediately. We have the platform and experience to help you. 

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Wim Gerrits

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