Closed Loop/AI Automation for Service Providers
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Closed Loop/AI Automation for Service Providers

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Wim Gerrits on November 12, 2020

Improving customer experience management is at the top of the list for most businesses today, and communications service providers (CSPs) are no exception. But traditional approaches to ensuring this, such as overbuilding the network or maintaining expansive engineering and care teams, aren’t economically sustainable. A new approach is required that assures customer experience at dramatically lower cost. Many CSPs and vendors believe that the solution is automation.

This use case shows how to reduce human touch points by either fully automating QoE assurance or providing humans with decision support to improve their productivity. Participants include Spirent, NetYCE and Accenture.


This short introduction video talks about the project and its participants:


Demo video

In this video you see the 3 use cases that have been implemented to automatically improve the customer experience:

  1. A customer has an SMS quality problem which is automatically remedied (zero-touch)
  2. The system supports the care agent to make better, faster and cheaper decisions when helping the customer
  3. Automated detection of a network issue with automated trouble ticket creation 
HubSpot Video


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Wim Gerrits

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